Belfast history and city centre

Belfast is a city that has suffered greatly from its political and ideological differences. On one side are the Protestants, Conservatives and supporters of the United Kingdom and on the other side are the Catholics and separatists, who have always felt excluded and who want to join Ireland.


Giant´s Causeway

Bom dia. A Calçada do Gigante, património mundial da UNESCO desde 1986, é uma reserva geológica de cerca de 40 000 pedras basálticas prismáticas cuja formação se iniciou há cerca de 60 milhões de anos quando Pangeia se dividia para formar o Oceano Atlântico. Good morning. Giant´s Causeway, a UNESCO world heritage site since 1986,…


Game of Thrones locations in Northern Ireland

Hello, hello! Northern Ireland, previously unknown to tourists, is now a favourite tourist destination for lovers of the Game of Thrones, but not only for them!!! Yes, I HAVE NEVER EVER SEEN the show but I wanted to visit some of its scenery for its natural beauty, and to show you, of course.



Ireland's independence from British rule and the creation of the Republic of Ireland took place in 1921. Still, six of Ireland's counties in the Ulster region decided to remain united with Britain. This was the cause of many conflicts between the Irish Republican Army (IRA) and the British army, which caused thousands of deaths on both sides and further segregated (nationalist) Catholics from Protestants.


Connemara National Park

The present abbey and home of the Benedictine nuns, was initially built as a castle. This was intended to be the "love nest" of Margaret y Mitchell Henry, a leading ophthalmologist at that time. The couple took refuge here from pollution in London during the industrial era. But only for a few years because Margaret died in 1984, a few years after the completion of the work, during a trip to Egypt.

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